Infographic: How Technology is Facilitating Education



Black Overrepresentation in Sports and its Relation to Education


Click for original photoIn education, extra-curricular sports are encouraged as an excellent way to develop skills, build community, and encourage physical fitness. While there are numerous benefits for having sports in schools, educators need to be aware of issues that may put kids at risk for marginalization in the future.

What is Exemplary Science Teaching?


High school education has come a long way since I was in secondary education. However, the most drastic difference has been in the high school science classroom. I believe that the mission of exemplary teaching of science has not only become more complex, but has also improved in quality and effectiveness. So what does exemplary science teaching look like?


TTC Etiquette Campaign


Just came across this National Post article on a new TTC etiquette campaign.   HILARIOUS!  You can see the posters here but click through to the article for links to print-ready versions.


Things People Say When I Write With My Left Hand


5 Reasons You Should Switch to Gmail


GmailHaving used Gmail (Google Mail) for the past 5 years, I can’t image why more people don’t use it. It’s simply the best email service out there. Here are 5 short videos that help prove why.



Hey Toronto, Want To Reduce Traffic? Invest In Telecommuting


City of TorontoAccording to the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), traffic congestion in the Toronto region costs Canada $3.3-billion in lost productivity a year. The news is reporting that the OECD is suggesting Toronto add congestion tolls, new taxes (parking and fuel) as well as high occupancy toll lanes in a move to reduce traffic on GTA (Greater Toronto Area) highways.

But will tax increases ever be enough?  What we need is a smarter solution to this, and the answer is telecommuting.


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