Fixing the Twitter Skew on FriendFeed

First off, I love FriendFeed. Despite the disappointment of many, I think it has some real value. Why?

  1. Aggregation saves me time and gives me an opportunity to see content I probably would have missed.
  2. I can comment back to Twitter and hopefully other services without going there and having to login
  3. I can search across a wide variety of content and users
  4. Its another avenue for me to be more social and meet interesting folks

But I’m not going to get into another “Ways I Like to Use FriendFeed” post. I want to talk about ways of getting more balanced streams of content.

If you’re on FriendFeed, you’ll notice there’s a huge skew towards Twitter posts compared to everything else. I will admit, it’s gotten A LOT better since I first joined FriendFeed, probably due to the extended amount of services FriendFeed now aggregates. Still, I’d like to be able to control what I see in my stream. Most of us are already one Twitter, so let me turn down the volume on the Twitter feed. What if I’d like to see more Google Reader Shares? Let me pump up the juice on that feed. Basically, give me a dashboard like Facebook‘s Story Type slider bars, here’s how I would adjust mine:

FriendFeed Story Slider

I have some other thoughts on FriendFeed as well:

  • When I post a link to FF — make it post everywhere else — or better yet, let me choose where
  • Give me a more granular search — by user, content source, comments, title, etc.
  • Allow me to style the FF widget on my blog

By the way, add me on FriendFeed!

What do you like or don’t like about FriendFeed?