4 Tips I Learned this Winter on How Not To Slip and Fall on Ice by Slipping and Falling on Ice

Caution!Pride comes before destruction. It’s a well known Proverb that proved true for me this winter. Every year for 7-8 years I bragged about how I went all winter without slipping and falling as I watched countless victims succumb to the perils of winter, tasting the harsh, cold reality of slick concrete and icy asphalt.

One icy day in February, that all changed ā€” it was my turn to by humbled. On my way to work, I was crossing a street to get to the bus stop not realizing I was walking on black ice. Sparing all the details, I was soon on the ground, on my tush, more embarrassed than injured, but it still hurt. I got some good advice from my Twitter pal Anewlis and I decided I would share my advice that I should have used that fateful day.

1. Don’t walk like you’re a badman.

OK so maybe this one doesn’t apply to me, but it’s still a good tip. Urban folk know what I’m talking about ā€” you know the kids with the pants at their knees with their rears hanging out and underwear showing, yeah they’re just asking for it.

2. Wear decent shoes.

Never put style before function. If your shoes have no grip, your asking for a slip. Women, wear heels at your own risk.

3. Look where you’re going.

Yeah, seems pretty simple doesn’t it? But most people just don’t do it. Try walking against a crowd during rush hour, no one is looking at anything except what’s right in front of them and you’ll end up running into them. It’s entirely frustrating. Still, I was guilty of this ā€” too busy trying to catch the bus, not realizing I was setting myself up for a fall.

4. Slide your feet / take short steps.

Running on ice is always a bad idea. So is surfing, don’t do it.

Feel free to comment with any tips you may have for me and everyone else next winter!