The Conversation is Evolving

There’s so much discussion about comment fragmentation here , here, and here (ironically there are plenty of comments on each of the original posts). But what’s the big fuss?

I think instead of getting anxious, bloggers need to adapt. Yes, the conversations are becoming fragmented. The question is,

What are you (the blogger) going to do about it?

We can all complain about not getting the pageviews but is that going to change reader behaviour? Probably not. I doubt all the blog posts in the world chastising FriendFeed and Shyfter is going to change anything. Tony Hung makes a good argument that Shyfter crosses the line but he does accept that user comments do not belong to him.

The fact is reader behaviour is changing: we want everything now and if you can’t give it to us how and when we want it, we’ll get it from somewhere that can. I think it’s time to embrace the evolution of the conversation before too many get left in the dark ages.

UPDATE: Just read a post by Rick Mahn, and he seems to agree, players need to adapt the the playing field.

Do you plan on adapting to these new changes in the conversation? Or do you think there’s a way out of this?