To Comment or Not to Comment

Just when you thought this topic was dead, I’m here to drudge it back up again.  I’ve attempted to analyze my commenting behaviour; I want to explain the situations in which I’m more likely to comment on original blog posts versus on FriendFeed.

Author Preference

Many bloggers have voiced their concerns over distributed conversations.  Out of respect to them, I try to comment on the original post.  However, there’s no guarantee I’ll do this 100% of the time; there are still other factors I consider (keep reading).

Author is/isn’t on FriendFeed

I’m much more likely to comment on FriendFeed if I know the author is an active FriendFeeder.

However, I will admit that I sometimes comment only on FriendFeed because I’m more interested what readers have to say than the author’s response.  This is usually a situation where I’m looking for feedback from others to get their viewpoint, rather than the author just defending their position.

FriendFeed Related

Blog posts about FriendFeed have a very good probability of receiving my comments via FriendFeed.  This way other FriendFeeders are more likely to read and respond.

Audience Exposure

At times, I’ll want to share a blog post with the FriendFeed community using the FriendFeed bookmarklet, subsequently leaving my comment there.

Comment Limit

Obviously if I’ve got more to say than FriendFeed allows, I’ll go and comment on the blog post.  But I usually just write out a new post if it gets too long.

The Blog’s Commenting System

Disqus and Intense Debate are my favourite commenting systems and make it much easier for me to leave blog comments.  I’m definitely turned off by commenting systems that make me have to enter all my details every time I want to comment. 

In addition, Disqus and Intense Debate both integrate with FriendFeed, allowing my comments to be commented on some more.


I definitely comment more on FriendFeed than anywhere else; but it’s not a rule.  I consider several factors when commenting on a post which include the interests of the author, myself, and my community.

What helps you decide where to leave a comment?