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To Comment or Not to Comment

The Case for Distributed Conversations

Social Media In Plain English

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  • Well, the pings to the blog URLs seem to work, but the pings to the disqus trackback url.. go nowhere?

  • Looks like it

  • I like your blog, Shey. Now there has been a question on my mind and I think you have the expertise to answer based on what I’ve seen you write about. It’s this: Hosting on vs using your own WordPress installation. Could you do a post on this? Like with this trackback thing. I’m under the impression that many of these more advanced features are not available if your blog is hosted on, which is a shame. Am I right about this? Can you shed some light?

  • Here’s a good starting point:

    However, I know if you pay for hosting, you do get a few extra bennies..
    Ah, here it is:

  • Thank you J. Phil. This more or less confirms the way I thought it worked.

  • Thanks Phil 🙂

  • nulls102

    Thanks for sharing this news .

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  • Well Disqus beats wordpress heads down

  • Wow !

    Great posting on Disqus .

  • Thanks Phil for the info….

  • One who is the agent or representative of another and is authorized, pursuant to a power of attorney, to act on their behalf.

  • CMS

    Disqus is an awesome commenting tool. It has reduced my workload enormously.

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    I love Disqus, even with the potential for spam and the one or two caveats it is still a great system.

  • Disqus work great with Facebook Love it. Disqus is much nicer and I can see all the comments I make in one place..

  • Disqus has always been my favorite commenting system. The speed of it always amazes me.Disqus is under active is a listen to user feedback..

  • Disqus is a great tool, I have it on many of my blogs already. It will only get better in the next few years..Disqus is a popular commenting platform…

  • simply superb ! the best tool for comments and also for an back links no one can beat disqus system.

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  • How come the trackback text box below displays the trackback url as the blog address and not the disqus address … can it be customized ??

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