My Rant on Loren Feldman

Loren Feldman Is Loren Feldman a racist? Well, I’m not ready to give out labels just yet — that’s not my motivation. Let’s get this straight: I’m not trying to brand him as anything. This rant is about those who think there shouldn’t have been any consequences for Loren and about those who think it’s stupid for me to get upset about what he said and did. I’ll be loosening up my writing style for this one.

Loren wasn’t making fun of black people.

Loren was making fun of bloggers.

Wrong. That’s just one video — what about "Black People Can’t Get It Together" and "Black People Are Lame"? Reverse racism? Don’t even get me started on that. Put the pieces of the puzzle together.

So yeah, he could have picked on anyone — but he didn’t — he picked on a race of people that have had a troublesome history with racism in North America. And everyone is aware of that history, at least to a superficial extent. Here is where the “political correctness” whining should fall apart. Chances are, you are not a minority and have no idea of what racism feels like. If you did; you realize there’s a difference between saying something mean, saying something controversial, and participating in bigotry. Not only is he mocking Black folks with a horrible stereotype — he uses a historically derogatory label — and please don’t counter back with the "Well Black people use the N-word all the time" argument. Please.

If he’s so creative, so intelligent, so awesome — why couldn’t he have found a less idiotic way to bring his point across? I’ll tell you why: there’s no talent in being offensive. There’s no talent in gaining fame at the expense of others. There’s no talent in pretending and saying that you’re all that and not backing it up. I’m sure he’s got a talent somewhere — but it isn’t in being awesome and it isn’t his breed of creativity — it’s just in being a fool. It’s easy to be an idiot and to get publicity by offending someone; he’s proven that more than once. Why are you standing up for him again?

Up until his gig got cancelled I’ll bet he loved all this attention — yeah I get why he did it. Easy fame — no such thing as bad publicity, right? Except karma came back to bite him.  Deep down, it upsets you Loren, probably as much as you upset me.

So why do some still defend this guy? I don’t know, I can’t say for sure. Yeah he has the right to say whatever he wants — but when you defend the actions of someone who’s being an idiot, what does that say about you?

Here are some quotes I’ve run into regarding the situation:

I hadn’t seen the Tech Nigga video until today, and I must say…it was pure genius. Truly I wish there were a series of them. It’s sad that everyone’s taking it so poorly

People should be JUMPING to defend Loren. They don’t agree with him today, they won’t agree with you tomorrow. Then what?

@1938media What’s every tech nigga got with you? They’re so cray about the hole thing.

These are the thanks you get when you try to bring edgy, new media content to companies like CNet and Verizon

I am so sick and tired of all the Political Correctness bs in this country. It makes me sick that Verizon would cave to a bunch of people with too much time on their hands and no jobs over a video from a year ago.

Oh and you gotta watch this: Can you appreciate the irony? (WARNING: Foul language)