Today I came across a post by Steven Hodson letting out the secret that he wants a Zune.  After commenting on his post, Abby asked me: “Shey- why do you love your Zune? And why a Zune over an iPod?”.

But before the iPod fanboys and fangirls and Microsoft haters start getting on my case, keep in mind that these are my preferences, you aren’t going convince me to go get an iPod, k?

So here are my top reasons why. 

  1. Wireless sync
  2. The Zune software is way better (in my opinion) than iTunes or Windows Media Player
  3. The value is great for the features you get
  4. It’s really easy to use and I have no issues with the types of files I sync
  5. It can store music, videos, photos, and now games
  6. I also think Zune Social is pretty cool

So fellow Zune lovers, what else do you love about your Zune?

  • It's good to hear someone talk about Zune. I've never read a post on Zune before, but people talk about hating iTunes all the time.

  • Heh, it seems Apple is all people talk about sometimes, both the good and the bad

  • i can`t stand itunes either

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