Some Of My Favourite Tweets

TwitterInspired by Hutch, here are some tweets I’ve favourited for your viewing pleasure:

My youngest just frenched a dolphin in the bathtub… I don’t think we’ll go to SeaWorld this year…

“The Third Jesus” by Deepak Chopra. . . uh, I didn’t know there was a second Jesus.twhirl

no choice but to save @zoeDisco from the doughnut. SAVE YOURSELF ZOE >heroic leap at box<

Why didn’t the alarm bells go off when I decided to wear a white shirt the day I’m having KFC for lunch? [Yes, I favourite my own tweets sometimes :P]

wishing I could take as many naps as twitter does

Client is sending me 300 MB file. Maybe they’re teletransporting someone by FTP?

I am pretty [sure] that if Jesus had the choice he would have turned water into beer.

Every year, hundreds of people die of Twitter addiction. Don’t be the next victim. (I’m FriendFeed and I approve this message)

I just saw Santa Claus in shorts and a white T, or maybe that was Kenny Rogers…oh wellHelloTxt

Here’s how to pitch me: Send me a blog post about your service so that I can copy/paste it . 🙂 I’m kidding loltwhirl

You know, this Jason Calacanis newsletter is like a bad blog that I can’t comment on to tell the blogger how bad it is.