Things People Say When I Write With My Left Hand


My Twitter Friends Mosaic


This is really cool.  I’ve been wanting to do it for a while but kept forgetting.  Check it out, and create your twitter mosaic here.


Some Of My Favourite Tweets


TwitterInspired by Hutch, here are some tweets I’ve favourited for your viewing pleasure:

1 Year Already?


1 Year Already?Hard to believe but I started this blog one year ago almost to the day. It may pale in comparison to other veteran bloggers but I’m happy I’ve been able to keep it going (albeit somewhat inconsistent).

Shey’s MonthCap – 09/08


Yes, I’m still alive — I’ve just been overloaded with many projects recently so my blogging has been non-existent for the past 4 weeks. To be honest, it will probably be another 3 weeks before I get back on it as I’ll be going a way for a couple weeks in October.

However, that doesn’t mean I stopped reading! To make up for my absence, I’m including links to some key articles I’ve read in the past month so you can read them too. Hope you find them as interesting as I did!


20 Obscure People You Can Follow on Twitter and FriendFeed and Not Get Bored


Following a post I read by Sarah Perez, I wanted to share with others some folks that always find a way to make me smile or laugh (often without them even knowing it).  I guess this is my way of saying thanks. :)



Shey’s WeekCap – 07/13/08


highlighter Starting today, I’ll be highlighting the more interesting conversations I’ve encountered during the past week, occasionally spilling the beans on what’s been going on in my life, and letting you know about changes I’ve made to the blog.  I call it Shey’s WeekCap.




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