Over Four Years of Turmoil is Soon Ending


Ryerson UniversityIt’s hard to believe but this journey, this tumultuous journey, is almost over. I started my part-time undergraduate program in IT Management at Ryerson in January 2004. Part-time because I had a plan for the next 5 years; a plan I knew would either elevate me or crush me.


4 Tips I Learned this Winter on How Not To Slip and Fall on Ice by Slipping and Falling on Ice


Caution!Pride comes before destruction. It’s a well known Proverb that proved true for me this winter. Every year for 7-8 years I bragged about how I went all winter without slipping and falling as I watched countless victims succumb to the perils of winter, tasting the harsh, cold reality of slick concrete and icy asphalt.


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