TTC Etiquette Campaign


Just came across this National Post article on a new TTC etiquette campaign.   HILARIOUS!  You can see the posters here but click through to the article for links to print-ready versions.


Social Media Narcissism


When going through the process of adding / friending / following in social media, we often look for a common characteristic in our ‘friends’.  These characteristics can be anything, from the love of tech, design, political affiliation or religion or any other type of culture.  Why do we do this?  It’s an attempt in the perpetual battle of finding the the signal amongst the noise, but on that journey, are we falling prey to too much narcissism?


The Truth of Race is a Lie


RacismThis is a guest post by Jasmin Smith (my wife), recent Sociology graduate and prospective Humanities teacher in support of International Blog Against Racism Week:

Race and racism are two concepts deeply entrenched in Western society, yet they are so commonly misunderstood. Racism describes prejudice or discrimination based on skin colour whereas race is merely an imaginary concept that segregates people into distinct social groups based solely on the colour of their skin. The existence of racism rests entirely upon this ‘reality’ of race. Consequently, the truth of racism is also a lie.


Are You Desensitized to Racism?


In the back of my mind, I thought something like this might happen, especially in light of recent events with Loren Feldman and with the surprising amount of support many were showing him.  What was a shock, to me, was to see the organized fashion it occurred in. 


My Rant on Loren Feldman


Loren Feldman Is Loren Feldman a racist? Well, I’m not ready to give out labels just yet — that’s not my motivation. Let’s get this straight: I’m not trying to brand him as anything. This rant is about those who think there shouldn’t have been any consequences for Loren and about those who think it’s stupid for me to get upset about what he said and did. I’ll be loosening up my writing style for this one.


Video: Train in Japan


No this isn’t the southbound Yonge line on a weekday morning, but it’s pretty close.

Man this is nuts!

UPDATE: Got a comment that this is actually in Japan and not China.

Top 3 Reasons Why Jamaicans Shouldn’t go Camping


I’ve got an upcoming camping trip on Canada Day weekend and usual I’ve tried to avoid at all costs. But alas, I can’t get out of it. Here are some things you should think about before inviting me to your camping trip.


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