We Need Social Media Interpreters, not more Evangelists

You’ve seen it, I’ve seen it. People who deem themselves “Social Media Evangelists“. But are they? Really? I’m not picking on any one person, but a situation in Social Media that I believe needs to change.

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4 Tips I Learned this Winter on How Not To Slip and Fall on Ice by Slipping and Falling on Ice

Caution!Pride comes before destruction. It’s a well known Proverb that proved true for me this winter. Every year for 7-8 years I bragged about how I went all winter without slipping and falling as I watched countless victims succumb to the perils of winter, tasting the harsh, cold reality of slick concrete and icy asphalt.

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When a Sport Isn’t a Sport (and no, Figure Skating isn’t a sport)

BaseballA few weeks ago, while we were visiting Detroit, one of my friends stated he didn’t think baseball was a sport. Obviously we were a little shocked to hear that — and it eventually led us to talk about what really defines “sport”. We went through a list of “border-line sports” — games we thought could be argued for and against.

It was a great discussion, we really got into it and came up with 5 necessary distinctions of a sport. However, upon further thought, I’ve added one of my own. In my view, all 6 of these rules must be met in order for that activity to be called a sport. The International Olympic Committee has a list of sports they recognize, but I’ll explain my 6 criteria for defining a sport:

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Fixing the Twitter Skew on FriendFeed

First off, I love FriendFeed. Despite the disappointment of many, I think it has some real value. Why?

  1. Aggregation saves me time and gives me an opportunity to see content I probably would have missed.
  2. I can comment back to Twitter and hopefully other services without going there and having to login
  3. I can search across a wide variety of content and users
  4. Its another avenue for me to be more social and meet interesting folks

But I’m not going to get into another “Ways I Like to Use FriendFeed” post. I want to talk about ways of getting more balanced streams of content.

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A fimme blog dis

Translation: “This is my blog” (in an authoritative way)

My blog is now open!You’re looking at the first of many posts to come on my new blog. After many re-designs, re-organization, and re-thinking of how to put this together, I finally decided to just do it and get it over with. Design-wise, let me know what you like and what you don’t like.

Me and Blogging

This isn’t my first blogging attempt, I started one for my wedding planning 2 or 3 years ago (now defunct), which was a ton of fun.

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