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Black Overrepresentation in Sports and its Relation to Education


Click for original photoIn education, extra-curricular sports are encouraged as an excellent way to develop skills, build community, and encourage physical fitness. While there are numerous benefits for having sports in schools, educators need to be aware of issues that may put kids at risk for marginalization in the future.

When a Sport Isn’t a Sport (and no, Figure Skating isn’t a sport)


BaseballA few weeks ago, while we were visiting Detroit, one of my friends stated he didn’t think baseball was a sport. Obviously we were a little shocked to hear that — and it eventually led us to talk about what really defines “sport”. We went through a list of “border-line sports” — games we thought could be argued for and against.

It was a great discussion, we really got into it and came up with 5 necessary distinctions of a sport. However, upon further thought, I’ve added one of my own. In my view, all 6 of these rules must be met in order for that activity to be called a sport. The International Olympic Committee has a list of sports they recognize, but I’ll explain my 6 criteria for defining a sport:


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