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20 Obscure People You Can Follow on Twitter and FriendFeed and Not Get Bored


Following a post I read by Sarah Perez, I wanted to share with others some folks that always find a way to make me smile or laugh (often without them even knowing it).  I guess this is my way of saying thanks. :)



Frienderati: Making it Easy to Find Popular Inactives


cobwebsGuy Kawasaki has recently come up with a new Alltop list of FriendFeeders called Frienderati.  It’s very unclear as to how this list was generated; but one thing’s for sure — it wasn’t based on how active they are.  Tony Hung doesn’t get it either.


5 Interesting Ways to Use FriendFeed


FriendFeedNo one can stop talking about FriendFeed.  Obviously, that includes me.  After all, there are so many ways to interact in FriendFeed and with a never-ending stream of content, the possibilities are almost limitless.  This has enabled some users to find innovative ways of using FriendFeed; here I list the five that stand out.


FriendFeed Participation Levels


FriendFeed is a great service for finding and sharing information and generating discussions.  However, not all users are equal when it comes to their level of participation.  I’ll show you what I mean by looking by looking at where comments are being made and what their objectives are.


FriendFeed Is The Signal


FriendFeed Marshall McLuhan (a Canadian) coined the phrase "the medium is the message" to describe that the profound impact of television and other media on society was more important than the impact of the content itself.  Recently, a lot of discussion has been taking place about FriendFeed‘s noise versus its signal.  I contend that the impact that FriendFeed has on the Social Web is greater than that of the content it aggregates.  Excuse me as I coyly coin the phrase: “FriendFeed is the signal.”


Mixx and Digg: Community Makes the Difference


Community Mixx has been gaining considerable momentum since it’s debut, including being recently adopted by CNN, LA Times and the New York Times. Even though they have great features for the user, and no ads (as of yet), what’s holding Mixx from gaining competitive advantage in the social news industry?


We Need Social Media Interpreters, not more Evangelists


You’ve seen it, I’ve seen it. People who deem themselves “Social Media Evangelists“. But are they? Really? I’m not picking on any one person, but a situation in Social Media that I believe needs to change.


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