Black Overrepresentation in Sports and its Relation to Education

Click for original photoIn education, extra-curricular sports are encouraged as an excellent way to develop skills, build community, and encourage physical fitness. While there are numerous benefits for having sports in schools, educators need to be aware of issues that may put kids at risk for marginalization in the future.
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What is Exemplary Science Teaching?

High school education has come a long way since I was in secondary education. However, the most drastic difference has been in the high school science classroom. I believe that the mission of exemplary teaching of science has not only become more complex, but has also improved in quality and effectiveness. So what does exemplary science teaching look like?

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Shey’s WeekCap – 07/13/08

highlighter Starting today, I’ll be highlighting the more interesting conversations I’ve encountered during the past week, occasionally spilling the beans on what’s been going on in my life, and letting you know about changes I’ve made to the blog.  I call it Shey’s WeekCap.



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Over Four Years of Turmoil is Soon Ending

Ryerson UniversityIt’s hard to believe but this journey, this tumultuous journey, is almost over. I started my part-time undergraduate program in IT Management at Ryerson in January 2004. Part-time because I had a plan for the next 5 years; a plan I knew would either elevate me or crush me.

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