Comment Portability: The Commenting Standard of the Future

Disqus, IntenseDebate, and SezWho.  3 commenting systems that currently don’t work together, but here’s how they could.


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To Comment or Not to Comment

Just when you thought this topic was dead, I’m here to drudge it back up again.  I’ve attempted to analyze my commenting behaviour; I want to explain the situations in which I’m more likely to comment on original blog posts versus on FriendFeed.

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The Case For Distributed Conversations

Distributed conversations A lot is still being made of the discussions happening in FriendFeed that some feel should belong on the actual post.  Recently, the discussion over "fragmented comments" has been revived in posts from Fred Wilson, Matthew Ingram, and Allen Stern.  Allen suggests that when FriendFeeders see the content, they should go back to the original post, comment there, and then have their comment pulled back into FriendFeed. I still don’t agree with centralizing comments on the blog post or any one place, and here’s why:

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