I Chose The Echo Chamber

I Chose The Echo Chamber After reading a recent post by Steven Hodson it made me think some more about the dreaded ‘echo chamber’ and its effects.  In my opinion, the echo chamber is what you make it.  Chances are you’ve isolated yourself on Twitter, or FriendFeed, or dare I say, even Facebook.  This is understandably so, we have only so much time to waste spend online and it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up as technologies advance and networks grow.

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Frienderati: Making it Easy to Find Popular Inactives

cobwebsGuy Kawasaki has recently come up with a new Alltop list of FriendFeeders called Frienderati.  It’s very unclear as to how this list was generated; but one thing’s for sure — it wasn’t based on how active they are.  Tony Hung doesn’t get it either.

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5 Interesting Ways to Use FriendFeed

FriendFeedNo one can stop talking about FriendFeed.  Obviously, that includes me.  After all, there are so many ways to interact in FriendFeed and with a never-ending stream of content, the possibilities are almost limitless.  This has enabled some users to find innovative ways of using FriendFeed; here I list the five that stand out.

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18 Firefox 3 Addons for Web Design and Social Media

22Firefox is a huge part of what I do as a web designer (aka Pixel Pimp) and a Social Media Skank. Along the way I’ve gone through my fair share of crappy addons while keeping the ones I found most helpful.  Here’s a list of the 18 addons I’ve kept around; hopefully you can find them useful as well.

Ay shawwwty, wha’yo flava iis?

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