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Hey Toronto, Want To Reduce Traffic? Invest In Telecommuting


City of TorontoAccording to the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), traffic congestion in the Toronto region costs Canada $3.3-billion in lost productivity a year. The news is reporting that the OECD is suggesting Toronto add congestion tolls, new taxes (parking and fuel) as well as high occupancy toll lanes in a move to reduce traffic on GTA (Greater Toronto Area) highways.

But will tax increases ever be enough?  What we need is a smarter solution to this, and the answer is telecommuting.


Over Four Years of Turmoil is Soon Ending


Ryerson UniversityIt’s hard to believe but this journey, this tumultuous journey, is almost over. I started my part-time undergraduate program in IT Management at Ryerson in January 2004. Part-time because I had a plan for the next 5 years; a plan I knew would either elevate me or crush me.


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