How to Get out of Your Blogging Hiatus, Funk, Sabbatical, or Whatever You Decided to Call It

Even though I’ve written before about social media narcissism and the echo chamber and how they lead to blogger burnout, I still found myself wanting to take a break from blogging (on a regular basis).  But the blogging itch never went away; I just got really busy and never really found the time to get back into it.  Now I’ve decided to ramp it up again; here are some ideas that helped me and may help you too.


Go back and read some of your old posts

Sometimes you’d be surprised at the discussions your blog has generated or even how one of your ideas has spread across the blogosphere.  This is a good exercise to rebuild any lost self-confidence so you can get right back on that horse.

Start reading your RSS feeds again

Chances are you’ve not only stopped blogging, but you’ve stopped reading RSS feeds too.  Catching up with your blogging acquaintances is a great way to get inspired and catch up with the latest ideas.

Join discussions

…on blog posts, Friendfeed, SocialMedian, etc.  Get engaged again and throw your opinions out there on Twitter.  See what folks are saying about your favourite topics on social news sites and rant chat away!

Summarize your time off

You probably reorganized some life priorities while you were away.  How did you spend your time usually slotted for blogging?  Let folks know how your real life is going.

Respond to a hot topic

…with a fresh perspective!  Try not to re-enter the echo chamber.

Setup drafts

Have an idea for a post? Create a draft and add thoughts little by little as they enter your head. As time goes by, string them together and mold them into a bigger thought that flows well.

Set realistic goals for blogging in the future

How often do you really need to blog? What are you trying to accomplish with your blog?  Louis Gray reminds me that you don’t really have to blog everyday unless you’re being paid to do so.

So here I am, trying to follow my own advice.  I’ve taken these steps in hopes of not only blogging on a more regular basis, but having more realistic expectations.  I’ve gone back and read some of my old posts and I still can’t figure out why people are so interested in what I have to say, but I am grateful for it.

Have you recently overcome a blogging hiatus, funk, sabbatical, or whatever?