1 Year Already?

1 Year Already?Hard to believe but I started this blog one year ago almost to the day. It may pale in comparison to other veteran bloggers but I’m happy I’ve been able to keep it going (albeit somewhat inconsistent).

I’d like to thank all who’ve participated in discussions (even if you’ve disagreed with me – I’ve probably learned more from you than anyone else) and to those who continue to visit and share. You’ve made it all very much worth it and have given me way more attention than I deserve.

Here are some stats that you may or may not find interesting:


Total Pageviews: 19,661
United States: 61.91%
Canada: 10.85%
United Kingdom: 7.00%
Australia: 2.09%
India: 1.45%
Germany: 1.39%
Philippines: 0.77%
Netherlands: 0.75%
Turkey: 0.72%
France: 0.67%

google / organic: 26.61%
friendfeed.com: 18.52%
stumbleupon.com: 9.01%
twitter.com: 5.28%

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Thanks once again for the great interactions, I hope we’ll have many more in the upcoming year 🙂